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Everywhere in the world Irish Glen of Imaal Terriërs leave their footprints behind. With our database we will try to show you their mutual relationships in form of pedigrees and other breed-specific characteristics. In appr. the year 2004, when the hereditary eye disease PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) critically endangered our relatively small breed, we have made this worldwide unique database available to the breeders and owners in order to show how the disease developed. Finn
With the given data risk-analyzes based on pedigrees were made in order to minimize the risk for PRA.
To identify the cause of the disease (gene defects) two partly concurrent DNA research projects were running, one at Cornell University in Ithaca (USA) and the other at the Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany). This database with all the breed-specific information was of great interest to both projects but even more important were some special Glen lovers who have succeeded to raise money and to collect hundreds of blood samples for this unique project. Without their great efforts these reseach projects wouldn't have been possible.
And I think some of you can remember the great joy when in 2010 both projects (U.S. and Bochum) reported almost at the same time their great success. The gene causing the eye disease finally was found. From that moment on there was a DNA test for PRA available for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriërs and the disease was definitely under control.
This example shows how important a database for a breed can be and not just for the disease PRA but also to any other not yet identified disease.
SamThis unique web database offers you information about pedigrees and other breed-specific characteristics and statistics of the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier anywhere in the world.
In addition to the over 8500 pedigree trees we keep record of the medical examinations results, e.g. eye-, heart- and Patella test, inbreed calculations.
The DNA testresults (gPRA/Crd3 and Locus_B) are clearly shown in color in the pedigrees. From many dogs there is a small or large photo available.
A realtime statistical breed calculation will give you answers on several questions, e.g. how inbreeding has developed over the years or how many Glens are used for breeding or at what age do they get their first litter or how many puppies are in an average litter etc. etc. An advanced search engine helps you to find your way in this extensive database. Especially for breeders, we have added in 2015 a calculation program to calculate the inbreed coefficient of a virtual mating.
It is our highest priority to keep this database actual. So please contact us in case of errors, not registered Glens or other amendments, e.g. a nice picture or a medical test result.

Please note: as of April 2021 on LABOKLIN /LABOGEN offers Crd3, Locus-B and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) test; you can order here:

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